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placeitTRAVELIVING | A Romantic & Practical Guide is a book that comes after travelling non-stop for 5 years, 100.000+ kms and 45+ countries in Europe, Africa & the Americas. (And we are still travelling!)

The eBook consists of 309 pages, 265 HD photos, lots of stories from our travels and tons of practical information about vehicle selection & setup, trip paperwork, transportation, budget planning, money saving and making ideas, packing lists, route planning, etc. All make up a great reading that we hope will motivate people to start getting prepared for their own epic adventure, will add some value, and will provide also with some food for thought.

For the first time, a book of this kind summarizes all the aspects of how to shape your dream of travelling around the world, find the courage to quit everything, get meticulously prepared for such an adventure as well as survive on the road emotionally & financially.

Additionally, our only objective in writing this book is to make our small but valuable contribution to the long-standing travellers’ community. We want to guide as many people as are interested to think out of the box, to do romantic and memorable things, to realize that their dream of travelling around the world can come true and finally to assist by sharing our knowledge.

Someone could say that it is another travel book from another ambitious traveller who is not a even close to be a writer. It is true! However, what makes our book exceptional is the fact that it has been created while travelling (we started writing while in México & published the electronic version while in Colombia). We did not wait to retire from our long journey (we are still travelling somewhere in South America), return back to our comfort zone and write it. Plus, it has been edited and reviewed by other long time travellers who utilize different means of transportation.

You can find a 15page preview at the bottom of the page.



At the moment, TRAVELIVING comes in digital files  (.epub, .mobi & .pdf of HD quality). At the end of December 2017, it will also be available as a hardcopy after an amazing crowdfunding campaign that was mainly fueled by our personal contacts (people we have met in our world trip plus friends and family from Greece) and not the social media.

Up until the end of November 2017, you can pre-order the hardcopy in a special price (16 euro plus shipping). The normal price will be 21 euro (plus shipping).

Theplaceit(2) .pdf file is suitable for PC, Mac, tablets, smartphones & Kindle. It is also printable, so we encourage you to order the book and print it at home in case you are not familiar with electronics.

The price of the eBook is 9 Euro. By clicking the GREEN TAB underneath, you can send your order and make your payment using your Paypal balance or just using directly your Debit/Credit Card. It is easy, fast and secure. In case the link below does not work, you can send money directly to our Paypal account under the email:

As soon as we get it, we will send you an email with the link from where you can download the files as well as the passwords to access them.

In case you do not have a Paypal account neither a credit/debit card, you can send money to our bank account (please add your email in the bank note, so we know where to send all the info about downloading).

IBAN: GR9101401910191002101050310

Please allow us 2-3 days to reply as we have sporadic access to the internet. For any further questions, please drop us an email at: or use the contact form and we promise to reply the soonest possible.






After reading, please feel free to send us your comments. THANK YOU!


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12 thoughts on “the book

  1. Another useful review found in one of the biggest Aventure Riding Forums:

    “About your book here are some thoughts:

    Finally a book title about traveliving that is not misleading at all… Just your personal path, to find the way out, to make the big step and just traveliving. I honestly enjoyed every single page of this book and for several reasons.

    The simplicity of your personal point of view, about all hesitations, before leave off the grid
    The how this decision has evolved through the big journey
    The practical information about potential costs, the methodology of preparation and of course the beautiful photos
    The feeling of freedom to just living for traveling

    Keep traveliving Nikos




  2. Dejan from Belgrade sent us an email with his comments:

    EBook is good material lots of photos and it is easy to follow your passion and desire to enjoy life every day of it1

    Looking forward to next chapter (traveling with babies)!!!

    Hugs from Belgrade 37C



  3. A traveller just sent us his review about our book:

    “Just finished reading your book. I really enjoyed reading, I only wished I had read it before we departed on our little adventure! I appreciate the hard work you put in, so thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences with everyone.

    Thanks for giving us a copy of your excellent book. We wish you all the best in publishing it. ”

    Kelvin from England (


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