The Traveliving Series: The Social Media Phrenitis

Today, the vast majority of travellers -somehow- see it as a mandatory task to advertise, promote and share their trip through social media. A travel blog is not enough anymore. But a whole array of active accounts full of edited photos & well-presented stories is a MUST. The question, however, will always be why? Why people choose to travel instead of staying home? This is the question you have to answer for yourself before doing anything else.


The Traveliving Series: Mariano Karlen

For those who have already got traveliving | a romantic & practical guide, you have probably an idea of what traveliving is about and you can relate Mariano's story with the concept of traveliving. For those who have not yet, do not miss the chance to get inspired by people like Mariano and order your copy so as to see what is all about 😉


The Traveliving Series: The Miseni Retreat (Tanzania)

Everything started from our donation of pencils, rubbers and sharpeners for the village of Saadani that is primarily sponsored and supported by SANA, one of the siblings of Miseni Retreat family. Costas, Bakari, Ally, Mzee Sefu, Mama Tuma opened their…


The Traveliving Series: How To (self-) publish your first travel book

First of all, we have to make this clear: the HOW-TO guides is not our best. It might sounds contradictory -or even off-putting- but we are writing this piece of information in order to help and "enlighten" other travellers who…